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Brad Little Endorses Phil McGrane for Idaho Secretary of State

May 10, 22

BOISE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Idaho Governor Brad Little has endorsed Phil McGrane for Secretary of State in Idaho.

In a statement, Little said:

““I encourage everyone to join Teresa and me in voting for Phil McGrane for Secretary of State. Phil is the one we trust and turn to when it comes to safe and secure elections in Idaho,” said Governor Little.

“Leading up to the 2020 election, Phil led the efforts during the special legislative session to pass unanimous legislation to ensure citizen participation in Idaho’s election could continue as places across the country, including Idaho, faced limited numbers of poll workers. Thanks to Phil’s leadership, Idaho was the envy of other states as we effectively carried out our election and made sure Idahoans could have confidence their vote counted,” Governor Little continued.

Little joins a collection of former governors to endorse McGrane, including Phil Batt, and Butch Otter, as well as current U.S. Senator Jim Risch. He also said McGrane “upheld the conservative values that have made our state so successful.”

Of the gem state and his opponents, McGrane said:

“We have a lot to be proud of in Idaho. I’m prepared on day one to work with Governor Little and the legislature to ensure Idaho’s elections continue to be free, fair, and secure,” said Phil McGrane. “As we’ve seen from the recent candidate debates, both my opponents have proposed dangerous ideas that would harm Idaho and its elections, such as restricting military voting and allowing the federal government to play an increased role in our elections. I am the only candidate fighting to protect your vote and keep Idaho’s elections as a model for the rest of the country.”

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