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Over 120 County Officials Endorse Phil McGrane for Secretary of State

May 12, 2022

[Boise, ID] Over 125 Republican County Officials, County Commissioners, Sheriffs, Prosecutors, Clerks, Treasurers, Assessors, and Coroners have endorsed Phil McGrane to be Idaho’s next Republican Secretary of State. This large group, led by Canyon County Clerk Chris Yamamoto, said, “We collectively are the first line of defense for public safety, our court system, and ensuring our elections run smoothly and securely. We have all worked with Phil and know he is a man of integrity and honesty.” Yamamoto added, “Phil has brought forward many measures to increase transparency and the integrity of Idaho’s elections. We are confident he’ll do the same as Secretary of State.”

“County Officials are the ones on the ground directly serving the public day in and day out. We depend on having a close relationship between local officials and the Secretary of State to keep our elections free, fair, and secure,” said Phil McGrane. “I have worked with these officials, and I am honored to have their support.”

"No one knows Idaho's elections better than Phil McGrane. I have been in the trenches with Phil through recounts and court challenges and have seen it firsthand," said Ada County Prosecutor, Jan Bennetts. "Together, we have enforced Idaho's election laws and held those who have tried to cheat accountable. He is well respected among law enforcement and has the experience necessary to protect Idaho's elections as Secretary of State."

“There is no one better to work with to carry out the duties of Secretary of State than Phil McGrane,” said Chris Goetz, Clearwater County Sheriff. “We need a Secretary of State who defends elections but also defends the honor of our State Seal.”

“Phil’s understanding of our election laws and processes is unmatched. He is always willing to listen, work through problems, and offer assistance to other counties,” Said Jessica Lewis, Bingham County Commissioner. “I know Phil will be just as dedicated to local communities at the Secretary of State’s Office.”

Beyond elections, as the elected clerk in Idaho’s largest county, Phil has overseen a staff of nearly 200 deputy clerks, managing the courts, recording, licensing, indigent services, and has served as the chief budget officer balancing an almost $300 million dollar budget. Under McGrane’s leadership, the Clerk’s Office has regularly been among the Top 10 Best Places to Work in Idaho. “Our mission has been to ‘serve our community in a way that builds trust in government.’ That’s a tall order, but it’s just what we have done. I’m excited to take this same approach when serving our local communities statewide,” said McGrane. “Serving the public should and always will be my top priority as Secretary of State.”

Republican County Official for McGrane Robert McQuade, Ada County Assessor Rod Beck, Ada County Commissioner Jan Bennetts, Ada County Prosecuting Attorney Matt Clifford, Ada County Sheriff Elizabeth Mahn, Ada County Treasurer Stacy Swift Dreyer, Adams County Assessor Sherry Ward, Adams County Clerk Jason Dixon, Bannock County Clerk Ernie Moser, Bannock County Commissioner Jeff Hough, Bannock County Commissioner Terrel Tovey, Bannock County Commissioner Amy Bishop, Bear Lake County Clerk Tricia Poulsen, Bear Lake County Treasurer Philip Lampert, Benewah County Commissioner Pamela Eckhardt, Bingham County Clerk Mark Bair, Bingham County Commissioner Whitney Manwaring, Bingham County Commissioner Jessica Lewis, Bingham County Commissioner Mary Prisco, Boise County Clerk Adam Strong, Boise County Prosecuting Attorney Michael Rosedale, Bonner County Clerk Penny Manning, Bonneville County Clerk Roger Christensen, Bonneville County Commissioner Jon Walker, Bonneville County Commissioner Bryon Reed, Bonneville County Commissioner Samuel Hulse, Bonneville County Sheriff Glenda Poston, Boundary County Clerk Dan Dinning, Boundary County Commissioner Sue Larson, Boundary County Treasurer Katherine Rablin, Camas County Clerk Marshall Ralph, Camas County Commissioner Chris Yamamoto, Canyon County Clerk Bryan Taylor, Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney Kieran Donahue, Canyon County Sheriff Tracie Lloyd, Canyon County Treasurer Aaron Cook, Caribou County Assessor Denise Horsley, Caribou County Clerk Bryce Somsen, Caribou County Commissioner Dwight Davis, Cassia County Assessor Leonard Beck, Cassia County Commissioner Bob Kunau, Cassia County Commissioner McCord Larsen, Cassia County Prosecuting Attorney Lana Schwartz, Clark County Treasurer Rick Winkel, Clearwater County Commissioner Chris Goetz, Clearwater County Sheriff Jacquel Bruno, Custer County Assessor Josh Dison, Elmore County Assessor Shelley Essl, Elmore County Clerk Amber Sloan, Elmore County Treasurer Camille Larsen, Franklin County Clerk Robert Swainston, Franklin County Commissioner Ron Smellie, Franklin County Coroner Abbie Mace, Fremont County Clerk Blair Dance, Fremont County Commissioner Hollie Ann Strang, Gem County Assessor Shelly Tilton, Gem County Clerk Bill Butticci, Gem County Commissioner Mark Rekow, Gem County Commissioner John Buck, Gem County Coroner Megan Keene, Gem County Treasurer Justin Baldwin, Gooding County Assessor Denise Gill, Gooding County Clerk Shaun Gough, Gooding County Sheriff Chistina "Tine" Wines, Gooding County Treasurer Kathy Ackerman, Idaho County Clerk Skip Brandt, Idaho County Commissioner Ted Lindsley, Idaho County Commissioner Denis Duman, Idaho County Commissioner Colleen Poole, Jefferson County Clerk Roger Clark, Jefferson County Commissioner Michelle Emerson, Jerome County Clerk Dave McGraw, Latah County Commissioner Jenny Rosin, Lemhi County Assessor Brenda Armstrong, Lemhi County Clerk Paul Withers, Lemhi County Prosecuting Attorney Kammy McFarland, Lemhi County Treasurer Lisa Winner, Lewis County Clerk Justin McLeod, Lewis County Commissioner Linda Jones, Lincoln County Assessor Cindi Sievers, Lincoln County Clerk Joann Rutler, Lincoln County Commissioner Mike Piper, Lincoln County Coroner Ann Youts, Lincoln County Treasurer Kim Muir, Madison County Clerk Brent Mendenhall, Madison County Commissioner Douglas Smith, Madison County Commissioner Todd Smith, Madison County Commissioner Angie Moffat, Madison County Treasurer Janice West, Minidoka County Assessor Tonya Page, Minidoka County Clerk Wayne Schenk, Minidoka County Commissioner Douglas Zenner, Nez Perce County Commissioner Kathleen Atkinson, Oneida County Assessor Lon Colton, Oneida County Clerk Bill Lewis, Oneida County Commissioner Ken Eliason, Oneida County Commissioner Cody Brower, Oneida County Prosecuting Attorney Robin Monahan, Owyhee County Assessor Angie Barkell, Owyhee County Clerk Kelly Aberasturi, Owyhee County Commissioner Jerry Hoagland, Owyhee County Commissioner Joe Merrick, Owyhee County Commissioner Annette Dygert, Owyhee County Treasurer Edie Aldridge, Payette County Assessor Lindsey Bratcher, Payette County Clerk Reece Hrizuk, Payette County Commissioner Sharee Sprague, Power County Clerk Delane Anderson, Power County Commissioner Bill Lasley, Power County Commissioner Anson Call, Power County Prosecuting Attorney Brad Wills, Twin Falls County Assessor Kristina Glascock, Twin Falls County Clerk Brent Reinke, Twin Falls County Commissioner Jack Johnson, Twin Falls County Commissioner Don Hall, Twin Falls County Commissioner Grant Loebs, Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney June Fullmer, Valley County Assessor Doug Miller, Valley County Clerk Sherry Maupin, Valley County Commissioner Elting Hasbrouck, Valley County Commissioner Brian Naugle, Valley County Prosecuting Attorney Patti Bolen, Valley County Sheriff Debbie Moxley-Potter, Washington County Assessor Donna Atwood, Washington County Clerk Lydon Haines, Washington County Commissioner Sabrina Young, Washington County Treasurer

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