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Let's Protect Idaho

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"Phil is the one we trust and turn to when it comes to safe and secure elections in Idaho. Leading up to the 2020 election, Phil led the efforts during the special legislative session to pass unanimous legislation to ensure citizen participation in Idaho’s election could continue as places across the country, including Idaho, faced limited numbers of poll workers. Thanks to Phil’s leadership, Idaho was the envy of other states as we effectively carried out our election and made sure Idahoans could have confidence their vote counted."
Brad Little, Idaho Governor


Help Protect Idaho


Protect Our Elections

How we run our elections matters. When you and I vote we place our trust in the people and processes behind our elections system. As Idahoans, we should be proud. Where other states have struggled, we have triumphed. It is now more important than ever to protect Idaho’s elections from the influence of D.C. and beyond. Since 2005, I have been involved with almost every aspect of Idaho elections; from counting ballots to training counties. I know our election system from the inside out and will bring my experience as your next Republican Secretary of State. 

Protect Our Lands

In Idaho, our land is one of our greatest treasures. As a member of the Idaho Land Board, I will work to protect our lands and invest in our children's education through the Idaho Education Endowment. This means working with the ranchers, loggers, miners, sportsmen, and recreationalists to maximize our state-owned land now and for future generations to come. 

Protect Our Values

As a 4th generation Idahoan, I was raised with the conservative values that have drawn so many to this great state. As a husband of 16 years and father of three amazing children I know the importance of family. Self-sufficiency, fiscal responsibility, and the value of a hard day's work are all values I gained while being raised in Idaho and ones I hope to pass down. As Secretary of State, I will fight to protect our conservative way of life so that future generations may be blessed as we have been. 



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