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Phil McGrane


"I'm impressed by Phil. He has the drive, experience, and integrity we need in public service. He gives me a lot of confidence in the future of our state."

—  Phil Batt, Governor

Ada County

Clerk's Office

Clerk Quick Facts


  • Manages a $20.6M office budget

  • Supported by 178 deputy clerks

  • Assists 228,000 registered voters

  • Fulfills more than 12,000 public records requests annually 

  • Oversees Ada County's $252M budget



The Clerk's Office serves as the administrative arm of the courts. It supports the judiciary by managing all filings, processing fees and fines, responding to public records requests, and assisting the public with court-related matters.

Property Records


The Clerk's Office also serves as the county recorder. The recorder acts as a public repository providing notice on ownership of real property, liens, and other actions of public significance.



The Clerk's Office is entrusted with conducting all elections within Ada County. This includes presidential elections, state elections and local elections like cities and schools. 

Community Assistance


The Clerk's Office evaluates eligibility and provides public assistance for medical, mental health, utility, and other expenses identified by the county and state as warranting such assistance.



The Clerk's Office also serves as the county auditor and chief budget officer. It is responsible for managing all county finances, payroll, internal audit, and budgetary processes. 



The Clerk's Office is responsible for the issuance of marriage licenses, peddlers’ licenses, and beer, wine, and liquor licenses.



The Clerk's Office manages the largest volume of records on behalf of the county. These include court records, commissioner minutes, contracts, resolutions, financial records, and many more. A team is dedicated to managing and digitizing these records, historical preservation, and public access.



I believe that government is often at its best when it goes unnoticed—much like an umpire at a ball game. No one wants to the leave the game thinking of the officials. It's not the calls that were right that are most often remembered. In the Clerk's Office, we strive to be skillfully unmemorable. It's often the sign of our very best work.


Much like the umpires, the Clerk's Office is entrusted with the responsibility of being fair to all those who come before us. From voting to the courts to payroll to medical assistance and beyond, we manage many functions where trust is a key component of what we do. I am proud to be a part of a team that has lived up to such trust.


I have often described the Clerk's Office as the wheels and the cogs of county government. The deputy clerks in our office are responsible for many of the functions that keep county government running. But, we don't stop there. Maintaining the status quo is not enough. We take public service to heart. We constantly seek out new ways to provide essential services in a manner that helps minimize the impact on the public and helps everyone go about living their lives. 


I believe that by investing in a culture of service and innovation we can continue to build upon the legacy of trust that the Ada County Clerk's Office has become known for. 









For the past seven years, I have had the privilege of serving as the Chief Deputy to current Ada County Clerk, Christopher D. Rich. In this role, I have had the responsibility of overseeing all operations and strategic planning for the Clerk's office, as well as ensuring the well being of all 178 deputy clerks. One of the things I have enjoyed most in this capacity is the variety and breadth of the work we do. 


As Chief Deputy, I am particularly proud of the work we have done to invest in employee satisfaction and office culture. This has not only helped improve the lives of our clerks, it has significantly improved the quality of the service we provide to the public. During my time in the office, we have gone from long waits in the lobby to file court documents and pay fines, to average service times of two minutes or less. Our culture has also led us to innovate, much like a business, to find new and better ways to provide service. An example of this is our mobile voting unit, which we fondly refer to as Food Truck Voting.


My career began in the Clerk's Office in 2005 when I was hired as an Elections Specialist. I was responsible for recruiting and training poll workers, finding polling places, as well as helping count ballots on Election Night. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a long career with the Clerk's Office and lifelong connection with voting and elections. 


In 2007, I left Ada County to study law at the University of Denver. During my time in law school, I was fortunate to have many opportunities that would prepare me for my work in the Clerk's Office. This included serving as a law clerk to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission in Washington, DC, assisting the Colorado Attorney General's Office as a Patton Boggs Public Policy Fellow, and serving as an intern to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Colorado. I am currently a member of the Idaho and Colorado Bar.


In 2010, Chris asked if I would return to serve as his Chief Deputy following his election as Clerk. Now as he prepares to retire, I feel fortunate to follow in his footsteps. 

Boise State University
Master of Public Administration
University of Denver
Juris Doctorate
University of Washington
B.A. Philosophy


While I strive to support the Clerk's Office, my loving wife does so much to support our wonderful family. When she's not supporting kiddos at home, she does so at work as a pediatric nurse. We were fortunate enough to meet over seventeen years ago as camp counselors at a summer camp for children with cancer in New Jersey, Happiness is Camping. I'm pretty sure it's where she found her calling as a nurse. I was lucky enough to find her. 


We live in the foothills with our three wonderful children, Mackenzie, Kennedy, and Andy. 



I am a fourth generation Idahoan. While I was born in Pocatello, I spent most of my time growing up in south-east Boise. No matter where I have lived or traveled, I keep coming back to Ada County.


Following my time with Angella at Happiness is Camping, I joined Americorps. Over the course of a year, I completed 2000 hours of community service and led thousands of volunteers, which resulted in the construction of 40 Habitat for Humanity homes in Anniston, AL. While building houses, I gained an appreciation for how rewarding it is to bring so many people together to help complete a project. In fact, it was my experience leading volunteers that helped me land my first job in elections; recruiting, training, and managing poll workers.


My appreciation and dedication to community and service have never waned. Here are just a few of the community programs I have been involved with since: Boiler Room Chats (co-founder), Leadership Boise (Class of 2017), ISB Young Lawyers (Chairman 2013), Leadership Program of the Rockies (Class of 2010)


Beyond my professional life, there is one last thing I'm generally well known for, barbecue. Angella's Dad, Lou, and I have won national awards for our que. As a hobby, we travel around and compete on the bbq circuit (Yes, that's a thing) as Phil & Lou BBQ. Attend one of the events below and you may even get to try some. 


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