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Governor Phil Batt: Phil McGrane Best Choice to Lead Elections Office

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Nov 4, 2021

(Boise, ID) Former Republican Governor Phil Batt has endorsed Phil McGrane for Idaho Secretary of State, praising McGrane for having the drive, experience and integrity required for public service.

Batt, who served as Idaho Governor from 1994-98 and played a key role in rejuvenating and returning the Republican Party to the prominence Idahoans have enjoyed for the past 25 years, said McGrane is the best and most qualified candidate to manage the state’s election process.

“I’m impressed by Phil McGrane,” Batt said. “Phil is the best choice to oversee elections in Idaho and gives me a lot of confidence for the future of our state.”

McGrane, who as Ada County Clerk administers elections in Idaho’s largest county, said he was honored to earn the trust of Gov. Batt.

“I’m proud to have the support of someone like Gov. Batt, who is respected across the state as a leader of integrity and hard work,” McGrane said. “His example of honorable leadership is something I’ll strive for in the Secretary of State’s Office.”

McGrane has built his career on conducting secure and fair elections in the state of Idaho and building relationships with elections officials statewide.

“In Idaho we have a lot to be proud of,” McGrane said. “As Secretary of State, my office will focus on protecting our elections, and increasing accountability and transparency. I’ll work to ensure the integrity of our elections and continue Idaho’s legacy of trust in our system.”

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